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Student furniture now available!!!

BlackboardRESCUE Industries has again expanded its production line.  We are now building single and double students' blackboards and student storage.  We have delivered this furniture to the YWCA in El Paso and El Paso Independent School District.  See other furniture opportunities on the Student Furniture

Sturdy and Safe Bunk Beds!!

RESSt. Matthews kidsCUE Industries builds the strongest bunk beds in the world (15 teenagers on a twin over double bunk beds).  All of our bunk beds are made of solid red oak, so they are super-strong and are built for heavy usage by adults.  Many of our customers are shelters or camps who need beds that will last forever under constant usage by people of all shapes and sizes.  In one test for sturdiness, we placed 900 pounds of weights on the bed, lifted one end a foot off of the ground with a forklift, and then backed the forklift away from the bed to let it slam to the ground.  None of the joints cracked or loosened.  In another test, we put 1200 pounds of kids on the upper bunk, and the bed did not creak, crack, or shake.

RESCUE Industries bunk beds conform to the safety specifications published by the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) for usage by adults.  Don’t assume that any bunk bed on the U. s]S. market meets these standards.  Since 1999 it has been illegal to manufacture or sell in the United States a bunk bed which does not comply with the CPSC standards, yet hundreds of non-complying bunk beds are sold each week which can lead to unnecessary injuries (  Most of the bunk beds that fail to meet the CPSC standards fail because of inadequate or missing upper safety rails.  The solid oak upper safety rails on Rescue Industries bunk beds are screwed into the corner posts and are supported by two vertical posts which are bolted to the upper bed frame.(

Building Self Esteem in the Homeless

RESCUE Industries is the vocational rehabilitation ministry of the RESCUE Mission of El Paso providing jobs and job training for the homeless.  We have been in business since 2003.  We have found that the secret to rehabilitation for the homeless: "Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men."      Colossians 3:23

Is Assembly of Our Bunk Beds Difficult?

The only tools you will need are: 3 socket wrenches, screw gun with Phillips head, and a rubber mallet.


Custom Pieces

If you can draw it, we can build it.